Frequently asked questions

Please refer to your enrolment documents (program design) and/or speak to your program advisor.

Conestoga grants credit transfers to qualifying courses. Contact the Credit Transfer Office for details.

Conestoga offers a variety of electives for both diploma and degree students. All general education and breadth electives must be a minimum of 42 hours in length and three credits. Elective courses may not be directly related to your program. The elective courses available to you will be listed during the registration process. Course options vary from term to term and may not all fit with your schedule. If you have a specific course in mind that is not in your registration list please contact Jen Matthews before registering for it.

It might. Not all elective courses may be suitable general education or breadth electives for all programs of study. For example, a Practical Nursing student may not take a course in Wellness as a general education course, because that is considered too close to the program of study and general education is supposed to be non-vocational (not a program course). Only the courses eligible for your program will appear in your own elective list at the time of registration. For more information about courses that won’t count toward some programs, contact Jen Matthews.

You may register for your elective course via the Student Portal. Please contact the registrar’s office if you are having issues with the registration process.

If you are in one of the following programs at the Kitchener - Doon campus, please follow the instructions found at course-based registration.

  • Business
  • Business Fundamentals
  • Business Administration - Accounting
  • Business Administration - Accounting (Co-op)
  • Business Administration - Financial Planning
  • Business - Finance
  • Business Administration - Marketing
  • Business Administration - Marketing (Co-op)
  • Business Administration - Supply Chain & Operation Management
  • Business Administration - Supply Chain & Operation Management (Co-op)
  • Business - Purchasing
  • Business Administration - Management
  • Business - Marketing
  • Office Administration - General
  • Office Administration - Executive
  • Office Administration - Legal
  • Health Office Administration
  • Insurance-Property & Casualty (Co-op)
  • Medical Office Practices

For all other programs, please make your course selections as follows:

  1. Log in to the Student Portal with your Student Network Login ID and password.
  2. Go to My Courses tab.
  3. Click on Add Course/Choose Elective button (scroll down to view).
    **Note: Elective courses are at the bottom of the course list option under the heading Electives.
  4. Select the elective course you wish to register in.
  5. View Availability to ensure the course is available and open.
  6. Click on ‘Add course to basket.’
  7. Find the course in your basket and follow registration directions.
  8. Verify that you are enrolled in the course:

     a). Click on ‘Confirm Registration’ on the left side of the page.
    b). Information will be listed on screen to indicate that you have been added to the course.

  9. Log out or continue to use other portal services.

You may register for an in-class or online elective to get caught up. For more information, please contact Jen Matthews

Please note: courses are subject to availability and fees may apply.

It is highly recommended to take your elective where it is set for you. Each program is designed with specific courses in certain terms to meet the best interest of students. It is recommended that you consult your program advisor before signing up for an elective at a different time. Taking your elective outside of its designated term may affect your fees. It is important to talk to Student Financial Services whenever making course changes.

Electives are offered in certain time blocks based on program timetables. Please contact Jen Matthews for assistance. 

You may switch sections if there are both seats available and doing so will not cause course conflicts on your timetable. Make sure to pay attention to the Course Add/Drop deadline which is set by the college and is listed under Academic dates

Check your Progress Report in the Student Portal and consult your Program Advisor. Contact Jen Mathews for outstanding questions regarding these requirements.

OntarioLearn general education electives are diploma level courses available to part-time students. Full-time students who take these electives will be subject to fees. If you are taking an OntarioLearn general education elective to meet the general education requirements of your program please contact Jen Matthews to confirm course eligibility before registering.